The purpose of uniform is to show the outside world and ourselves our commitment to each other and the values that we hold dear.

Ulverley School Uniform (enforced from Tuesday 6th January 2015)

Maroon sweatshirt / cardigan / fleece

Sky blue polo shirt / shirt

Mid grey trousers / skirts / pinafores

Blue gingham check dress / shorts [May-October]

Grey tights / socks

Black shoes [no trainers / pumps / boots]


Light / dark blue sweatshirts

Light / dark blue polo shirts / shirts

Religious Observance

Grey hijabs

Grey leggings

Ulverley PE Kit (enforced from Tuesday 6th January 2015)

With regards to PE kit, it is essential that all children have access to their PE kits at all times as it is an integral part of the curriculum. I would strongly recommend that all PE kit stays in school from the first day of the term until the last, or at least from Monday to Friday, so that children are ready for any possible timetable alterations.

Plain white t-shirt / polo

Black shorts / tracksuit trousers / leggings

Black tracksuit top / sweatshirt / hoody

Black pumps


Football boots

Please note that any child unable to do PE will be asked to act in a coaching / supporting way as part of the lesson.


In order to keep your child safe and well, we only allow stud earrings, which should be removable by the child for PE. If you are thinking of having your child’s ears pierced, we would respectfully ask that these get done at the start of the summer holidays so that they can do PE safely without their earrings in.

Any child not wearing the appropriate uniform will be reminded of these expectations. If necessary, then the class teacher or myself may also speak to parents to explain why it is we expect these policies to be followed.