Worried about a child? Not sure what to do?


A designated safeguarding lead at school

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub 0121 788 4300 / 0121 605 6060 [Out of Hours]

Prevent Hub 0121 251 0241

CSE Team 0121 709 7000

Where else can I get help?

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is the abuse of someone within a relationship. Abuse is primarily committed by a partner, ex-partner or other family member. Abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial, sexual, or a combination of these.

If you think that this applies to you, or you are concerned about someone else, more information and help can be found here.

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Do you know the default privacy settings for Tik Tok? Do Snaps disappear after they're opened? Can you set screen time restrictions for your child?

Safer Schools can help you to understand all of these things and more! Join the app and be aware not afraid of this wonderful invention that can open the world up to our children if used appropriately. help us to ensure that our children are able to harness the power at their fingertips and use it sensibly and safely.

App available for FREE on:



Please contact the office for the school pin.

CEOP is full of people who want to help you. We work to keep children safe from sexual abuse and sexual grooming online.

We are here to help and advise you, but if you feel in danger right now please call 999.

You can report to us if something has happened online which has made you feel unsafe, scared or worried. CEOP is here to help you.

The Association of Adult and ChildOnline Safety Specialists

With children being home all day every day it’s likely they’re spending much more time online. Because of this, many organizations are sending out information and guidance which is all well intentioned but it can become overwhelming and confusing which could lead to stress in some people.

As an association of online safety specialists we have combined experience of well over 100 years in this area, so in this video we want to cut through a lot of the noise and confusion to simplify the key messages and then to signpost you to main the organizations below this video that will help to answer any questions you have.

The video gives some useful, simple advice and guidance for parents and carers regarding children and their online activities during the pandemic.

Keep them safe is a free online 20-30 minute learning tool from Pace and Virtual College which has been accessed by more than 29,000 parents and professionals (as of March 2016

  • find out more about child sexual exploitation

  • learn the signs and indicators of when a child might be being exploited

  • understand the impact child sexual exploitation can have on families

  • know what to do if you suspect a child might be at risk of this abuse.

Talking PANTS teaches younger children important messages, like their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they're upset or worried.

This resource is designed for use with children aged 9-11 in primary schools and aims to highlight the warning signs of grooming in an age appropriate way. The film is seen through the eyes of Charlie who is groomed by Danny. The resource was designed in consultation with CSE professionals, primary schools teachers and children in years 5 and 6 in primary schools. The resource is accessible to girls AND boys with the viewer never discovering Charlie's gender.

A representative group of agenices in Solihull involved in safeguarding children and child protection.

Transforming the lives of vulnerable children and families.

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